The Critical Qualities of an Electric Fireplace


There is now an increase in the interest of the electric fireplaces. But, there is so many inaccurate information that you can find out there and this confuses the process of choosing the right fireplace that you should go for. Well, it is very fortunate that the process is not that difficult, once you know the right questions that you should be asking. Here are the things that you must know.


One is construction. You must know what the mantle is made of. You have to determine if this is made of pressboard or solid wood. Look at the firebox. You should be able to look at the fireplace as you would any other kind of furniture at home since such has both form and function. Have you noticed how the screws pull out of the pressboard or have you seen the pressboard entertainment center collapse? The solid wood would mean quality and pressboard-well.


You should also be looking at the patio fire pit, the sides and bottom for detail. Has the manufacturer taken the time to make the entire mantel look nice or is the detail and the nice molding just on the front part? When you find more details, the more likely that you are going to look at a quality piece of furniture.


Know that nothing is more critical to the ambience of the fireplace than the flame's realism. There is great variation in such area so ensure that you really do your homework.  Know the brands that give the best flames. But, you should also beware of the others and you have to check out the different reviews.


Also, check the realistic logs and embers. It would be easy to forget the logs but they are really important to the overall ambiance. You have to look for the logs which look charred and those that glow when on and that look real when you turn it off. There is nothing worse than the log which looks like it is a broken piece of concrete.


You must also look at the finish. When it looks cheap, then you should know that it is cheap. You have to look for such lustrous finish as opposed to something which looks painted or chintzy.


Take into account the heating ability too. While the free standing electric fireplace must never be the home's sole source of heat, you do like something that can keep a moderately-sized room comfortable.

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